About Pulse


Pulse is the life sustaining rhythm that keeps us all on. We the students of AIIMS present PULSE 2015, the largest socio-cultural-literary-sports festival of medical fraternity in South-East Asia.With 42 years of experience behind it, Pulse has transformed itself into “The Festival-to-be-in”.

As day breaks on 16 September, heart beats go off on gallop rhythm and life ascends the stairwell from euphoria through elation to exaltation and finally, ecstasy as we take you on a week long vacation to Cloud Nine. Treat your eyes to a dazzling P Wave, your feet to our legendary dance floors, your fingers to the finesse of fine arts, your spirit to a taste of our sporting arenas and your brain to a literally literary ride. Unleash those hidden talents that pulsate within you upon our unsuspecting crowds and be rewarded with glory, applause and exhilaration!

Warning : ECSTASY may repeatedly attempt to take over your mind throughout the week.ENDURE it!